With every purchase you empower a night fisherman on Lake Victoria


Every night, thousands of fishermen in Tanzania step into their fishing boats with their kerosene lanterns, locally called Karabai. The fishermen attach the Karabai to wooden floats, light them up and deploy them on Lake Victoria to attract and then catch sardines. It sounds simple, but night fishing is dangerous. Besides financial challenges, fishermen need to pressurise the lamps. The pressurised nature of these lanterns can cause bursts of fire and even explosions, threatening their safety and their lives.

With Karabai we aim to improve the lives of night fishermen by promoting the use of solar-powered fishing lamps that are entirely safe to use. To make these lamps more affordable for fishermen, together with our partners on the ground we collect their old and used Karabai and bring them to The Netherlands, where we turn them into electrical lamps with a timeless design and a powerful story. Part of the profits made from selling the retrofitted Karabai goes directly to the previous owner of the lamp, allowing them to buy a solar-powered alternative for a reduced price.

from Tanzania

to your living room



We transformed the pressurised kerosene Karabai into an electrical lamp. By keeping many of its original elements, the lamp finds a balance between the original story and the finished product with its timeless industrial design. Every lamp is unique, shaped by its own journey through the many years it has been used as a lantern for night fishing.

Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 41 mm

Material: Steel (copper- and chromeplated, enamelled), glass

(frosted), plastic

Input voltage: 230V 50 - 60 Hz

Light intensity: 300 Lumen

Wattage: 5W



Estimated delivery time: 1 month